The Stuff ! part 4

Hey Everyone ! it's time i showed you more of "the stuff". Unfortunately it's gonna be a short one with only 3 pencil sketches. I wanted to do one with 5 drawings, but i ended up finishing 2 of them XD, which is pretty good for once.
heh, let's get to it !
First off are two Sketch of two Yu-gi-oh! Monster:

Out of all the Gladiator Beast out there, Octavius seems to get the most demand for some good old fashioned Slashing. In his effect, he can destroy face-downs, so my spin on it is " if your ass is Face-down, it's gonna get destroyed !" heh.
Next up is Wulf, Lightsworn Beast :

Wulf is a Staple in a lot of Lightsworn Decks, and is one of the Hottest new monsters out there in my opinion. Weird thing about Wulf though, is that he just has a Wolf head, cause the rest of him looks pretty human... yay for Anthro ! lol !
Anyway, the spin here is that in his effect. Wulf can only be special summoned, so my spin is him saying something like : " Sorry, but i won't cum unless it's a special occasion". yes i am perverted, and i love it !
Finally, we arrive to Aaron, The first Elite Four Member of Sinnoh in Pokemon !

Ok, Finding a decent High-res reference pic of him was like asking for the impossible XC !
Anyway, there's not much spin here, more like a lil fantasy. Aaron looks so young in the games, so i wonder what he'd look like a lil older... and sexier... and Hunkier...and... *fap**fap**fap*
Well that's it for the Stuff ! as usual you can let me know what you think, because like most of the drawing i put in these posts, i'm showing them to you now, so i can forevere hold my piece if i don't have time to finish them XD.
See you Real soon ! I gotta make post for the 2 pics that didn't make this one, heheh

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