The Dark Grepher Post !

Hey Yall !
Ok, so i know i said on my y! gallery that i'd be doing a post about him here, and i know it's late, but i'm gonna do it now XD !

This is a Yu-gi-oh! Monster, and as always, like i try to tell everyone, the duelist aren't the only people that are hot.

So a very good friend of mine wanted me to draw this bad boy, but at first it was a little complicated for me... because i thought he was a lil creepy XD ( Dark Grepher i mean, lol ), but i thought "hey ! this a perfect opportunity for me to try to work on my skills"

So after a good little while ( about a week or so, i dunno i don't track the time when i draw anymore ) that came up ! and i was pretty happy about it :D. I'd learned a new style and it looked great... the only thing was, Dark Grepher is very dark skinned, and so it looked kinda weird simply "Inked", so i wanted to add a lil something.

hhhmmm... too light

hhhmmm... too Dark

meh, after i did those, and added a background, i was content with the way it looked, and was going to put it on my to do list and color it sometime in the future.

The thing is, i kinda like to get someone's opinion before i post stuff, thank goodness for all my internet friends ! ( really though, i love you all, you make me want to draw more ). Anyway, the verdict was that it looked great, but my friend ( not the one who made the request mind you ) thought i should color it, and i bitched and moaned, but eventually i did color it, and boy do i ever have to thank him.

As usual, it took FOREVER ( lots of details you gotta look out for when you draw fan-art ) but, i did it ! and voila !

Dark Grepher Discards !

well that's what i posted in my galleries anyway, but since you're good little boys and girls who visit my blog, here's 2 little extras !

Extra Shiney

Full Version

Alrighty, done ! I try my best to keep my word to the people that enjoy my stuff.

On that note, yes, this was a request i drew, so please, don't be afraid to ask me to draw some stuff for you. YES it might take forever, YES i'm not a robot and i'm WAY TOO tired and WAY TOO busy most of the time, but your request will not fall on deaf ears, ok ;). Also, if you really want me to draw stuff for you, there are 3 things you should look for to get me in the mood... to draw of course... lol

If it's a challenge ( something i haven't drawn before, but not something too gruesome...please ), if there's little of it around ( there is very little Yu-gi-oh! Monster porn out there for example ) and finally if it's something i like ( i happen to be a Duelist XD, so i know a lot about Yu-gi-oh!).

That's all for this post i guess ! Heh, i liked making a post like this, because wether it's long or short, i think there's always a lil story behind what artist draw, hehe.

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