Hey yall !

First of all since i haven't updated this blog since last year, i'd like to say Happy New Year to Everyone ! and i wish the best for O9 !

Indeed, a new year brings new things, and this Elf is one of them. Things have been a lil busy for me, so i put him on hold for a bit, but i wanted to show you this character i've created ! it's Danny ! the Horny Elf !

Like i said, he's still a WIP ( Work in Progress ), and i still have lots to do for him.
If you think my style has changed a bit again, well not really.
I got a Tablet for Christmas ! A Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet !

I gotta say, i took me a lil while to get the hang of it, but i freaking LOVE this thing ! So here's to hopefully having some time (and energy) for me to use and abuse this thing so i can draw more art for yall (and myself )!
But that's a bit of old news, in more recent news, don't worry i haven't completely converted to digital art. Infact, Just yesterday, i bought a cheap but effective HP Printer Scanner ! So now i finally have a scanner of my own, and i wasn't kinding about the effective part either, it might be cause it's new, but this thing scans better then my other scanner o_o !
Anyway, once again i say Cheers ! cause stuff like this makes me feel like drawing a lot !
Now if i could only stop time ... lol !
P.S : Again, a happy b-day to Dominic !(01/04) JC !(01/08)) and Kazario !(01/14)

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