The Dr Clash Post !

Hello everyone ! and Hellloooo F-zero Fans !!
It's time for some Pilot slash, and today it's about Pilot #29, the pilot of the Crazy Bear ... DR CLASH !!

Before i get too into it, for all of you out there who don't know what F-zero is, i'm sure this guy rings a few bells

Yep, Captain Falcon, might be F-zero's ( hot ) poster boy, but anybody who invested and wanted to find out more about the F-zero games knows that this high speed space racer, is more then meets the eye. For example, in F-zero GX ( one of my favourites of the franchise) for the gamecube, the Capt was only pilot # 7 in a total of 41 pilots.

Why am i saying all of this you ask ? well you can check out this F-zero wikia : http://fzero.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

But i just give it to ya straight ! ( so to speak )


In this futuristic universe, everyone even the ladies, are packed with muscles !

Anyway let's focus on the reason i'm doing this post, for Dr.Clash

Dr. Clash Invention Malfunction

Theodore Clash, the 55 year old inventor, scientist and all around smart guy, goes back to his lab one day after getting alerts that something is going wrong, as soon as he steps in however, his gadget goes haywire and holds him as the other machines in the lab strip him and put him on a lab table. This is a table Dr Clash uses to work on parts for machines, but now the machines are gonna work on him ! Don't worry though, he's enjoying it

Heh, thanks goodness i have a need for some good old smut everynow and then, cause that's what fulled this to look so nice, lol. It's also the first drawing i finished with my Tablet ! and i'm happy with the result :D ! I gotta say though, that the best thing about a tablet, is also the worst thing. What's that you ask ? One thing, the possibilities are endless.

Why is that bad ? because if there's always rooms to retouch this and refine that, when am i ever gonna finish ?!?!!?

lol, okay, that about does it for the Dr. clash Post !! Hope you enjoyed it and i hope my rant wasn't too long.

Now who... which other pilot from this universe should i slash next ?

Decisions... Decisions...

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Anonymous said...

I want see more of Black Shadow, he have a nice body and a thigh ass mmm i want see completely naked ;)