The Apache Chief Post

Hey Everyone ! time for me to do the Apache Chief Post !
First off, do you remember this show ?

Sure, rewatch it today and the bad quality will make you cringe ( no joke ) but back in the days when i was a kid, i was HOOKED on this show, and more then all the popular heroes like Superman, Aquaman, Wonderwoman and Green Lantern, i LOVED the other heroes, such as The Wonder twins, Black Vulcan, Samurai and Apache Chief .
Which brings me of course to the focus of this post : Apache Chief !

"Apache Chief ! Inyuk Chuk !!", man ! i don't know if it's because i love this character, but out of most of the heroes that ever appeared in the Super Friends, Apache Chief is the one that's the most engraved in my memory. After saying those words, Apache Chief would then grow in size, and apparently, he doesn't have a limit, which is awsome ! i checked it here http://www.comicvine.com/apache-chief/29-43948/
i'd like to take a sec out to say that ComicVine is Awsome ! and has some of the best references out there ! remember guys, next time you need a references try searching there, you'd be surprised.

Anyway, I'm sure that it's apparent by now, but i like ( dare i say love) to draw slash of characters that are barely or not at all slashed. So guess what ? Yup ! lol
I mean come on, when the Last time you saw Apache Chief in something Gay and Erotic ?.................................... I'm waiting ................................... though so.
I know i rant about this a lot, but i think it's a darn shame, especially in Apache Chief's case. I mean this guy can "grow" and "grow" and "GROW" some more, hello ! ring the slash alert please !

Apache Chief ! Inyuk-Chuk !!

Much better...XD

Anyway, i had a BLAST drawing this pic, because it was challenging beleive it or not ! First of, i rarely explore this angle, so i had to get this in the right proportions, then i had to do the buildings to put the emphasis on his size, and i had a lot of trouble drawing his face, but i LOVE how this turned out ! i swear, look at this and slowly scroll the page down, you'll know what i'm saying . ;-)

A toast ! this is my second ever finished drawing with my tablet ! i really like the pace i'm rolling with here, because now i can produce some decent and HOT drawings with much less hastle. This is the Second of Four drawings that i've finished in two weeks ! ( so look out for the other two posts, *hint hint* ) Personally i think this is great !

Hopefully this will continue :-D !!

See you soon !!

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Jubell said...

Don't stop now! Keep going ^^