Please Excuse me :)

Hey everyone !
i guess i just wanna give a big ol' "sorry" for not posting in a while. I was on a terrible hiatus for a while !

Being sick and having artist block was not a pretty combo XC !

Not to mention that right now, i'm sick !! AAAGGGGAAAIIINNNN !!! not even a week after i was better ! AND i can feel that's it's two different kinds of sick too !! how F**ked up is that !!!

*sigh*, anyway, ranting aside, i'll update my blogland site soon ;)

here's a little something for those who still bother to visit Kslash

Go ! Electabuzz !!

For those of ya who aren't familiar with this, it's a Human version of the Pokemon Electabuzz !

Drawing Human-mon is incredibly fun, you should try it sometime ;) or maybe drop in a lil request for me sometime, heh,

Enjoy people ! and see you real soon !!


JC said...

that's actually a really good idea.

K3rry said...

heh, it is JC, you should try it sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Can we please get more kenpachi porn hesbmy favorite character in bleach