New Commissions !!

Hey guys ! Just wanted to let you guy know that Commissions have reopened, and now with lower prices and Bonuses !

Full color drawing !

:next: 1 character = 25 $

:sun:BONUS :sun:

Get one extra 1 character Full color drawing for 5$ extra !

:next: 2 characters = 35 $

:star: Bonus :star:

Sketch received will be full on pencil drawings like the ones you see HERE

:next: 3 characters = 45 $

Payment method : Paypal

If you're interested send me an e-mail at Kboythe13th9@hotmail.com.

Thanks in advance, and there only 6 spots available !

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SynjoDeonecros said...

Hey. I remember seeing you on FurAffinity. You still do requests? If so, I would really love to see some more furry Yu-Gi-Oh bara from you. I was really impressed with your depictions of Wulf, Lightsworn Beast and Gladiator Beast Octavius, and I would love to see more from you.