With Pencil in hand !

Hey guys, it's been a while :D haven't posted anything in a while, because, well, i haven't finished anything in a while either, but to be fair, I'm going to post some pencil sketches and even finished pencil works for you to enjoy in the mean time.

And if you've been following my blog, consider this The Stuff part 5 !

The following 3 Sketches i did plan on finishing so i didn't go all the way with the pencils

This one is of Elite four Aaron, from Pokemon, and he looks like such a kid, toning him down was a hassle ( i still might have to tone him down some more XC ) but i like my guys buff, so yea, "oops" lol

This is of Koga who i'm sure will get more recognition. Like Aaron and the Lance pic you might of seen from a previous post, i drew him as part of a series of Elite Four trainers from Pokemon. The reference i used was this tall lean guy so yea, tall lean and sexy Koga it is XD !

Now this pic is of Blood Falcon and Black Bull from the F-zero series ( oh yes, i'm still a fan of the amazing racing game ), i was ( am ? ) going to entitle it " Bull riding lessons " cause i was in the mood for some F-zero pr0n, the bull riding pun with Black Shadow never gets old and Blood falcon is Black Shadow's bitch. Lol. I found it interesting how easily i was able to draw there suits and the whole scene inside of the Black Bull ( Black shadow's Vehicule ).

Okay, now these sketches i focused and /or went all the way with the pencils

This was of Gift for Dinosaur Prince's Awesome kangaroo OC Joey. I saw this guy on his Y!gallery page and i was having a bit of an artist block, but i liked him so much that once i got the idea, i got to work. I love how it came out, and yes, when i want, i can draw stuff like this XD, it's just that i've gotten so used to doing the whole entire process of penciling then digitally inking and then coloring that i seldom go all the way with the pencils or remember how fun it is XD !
Anyway i showed this to Joey's imaginative creator and loved it and even posted him up on his blog ! thanks man ! much love !

Oh yes people, i SO go there with slashing of random obscure video game characters !
I wanted to draw a nice butt which i think i did pretty well ( and jock straps always help ) and the title for this would be " stick where the sun don't shine " lol.
Anyway , BIG, BIG points for anyone who guesses his name and which game he was from ( free full colored request anyone ? winner will be chosen by random in the event of a tie )
The only hint i'm giving is that he is from a Mario game, good luck !

Last but not least are Latios and Dragonite! Now this sketch might actually see the light of day and be finished since they are the winners of a poll i had on the y! called Dare me to draw. For some reason i went back and forth with the sketches because individually i was going to draw solos of both of them, but i was just never satisfied... but i like this one though !
i like the nice butt i gave Dragonite and the " i'm going to give it to you" look he has, i might fix a few things here and there when ( and cross your fingers for that one) finish this, but until then.

Enjoy the sketches folks !

Right now i want to try to draw some all digital stuff again, so i might give you guys another post then. Till then i hope all is well ! Hugs !!


Esprix said...

It kind of looks like the sun mask from Legend of Zelda, but I guess that's not it. He even looks a little like Sonic (if he were more human). :)

I'm stumped!

K3rry said...

lol no no, it's from a Mario game XD

Esprix said...

I know. Is it Pokey? Or Thwomp/Thwimp?

Esprix said...

Wait, it's not the Angry Sun, is it? He doesn't look very angry! He looks sexy! LOL!

K3rry said...

no it's not an enemy ... it's from a series of games with Mario in the name, that's a little vague, but it's not a sports game, that should help ;)

Esprix said...

Bleh. I give up. :(

Esprix said...

So did anyone guess right?

K3rry said...

actually so far, two people have XD

Esprix said...

OMG so who was it?

K3rry said...

lol, well i'm not giving the answer just yet

buff said...

So sexy hot. WOOOF. Mega hairy muscle hugs. Merci beaucoup.

Artist with his medium said...

If you want someone to color Brighton still, Tony will be up for it.