Meet the Pretty Boys !!

Hey Yall !

Well, as i've said on my y! gallery journal, i've been feeling "Sketchy", so i decided to really fix up some of my pencil work and show it to you guys. It's also a perfect opportunity for me to introduce The Pretty Boys ! I'm gonna do a series of drawings for now, but with all my recent O.C related stuff, i might do a comic for em'.

So, the first Pretty Boy i drew up for the series was Eric :

He was the first Pretty boy i though of, and i'm dedicating him to Raul Guerra, Because i love his Rainbow Boys, and he kinda inspired me to do this series.
Eric is 26, and like most of the Pretty Boys, is of mixed origins.

Next up is Dilan :

Dilan is the Youngest Pretty Boy right now at age 20. The other guys like him a lot and are often overprotecive of Dilan, but Dilan never really notices for some reason, which is strange because the other Pretty Boys act rudely when they don't approve of the guy Dilan is currently dating.

Now, Corez :

I wasn't sure of what to do for Corez's design, so i went for a billboardish Neon approach. Since these are only sketches, the scanner cut the the pic a bit, which is unfortnate but allows for a little more focus on the face, so ... meh , lol. Corez is one of the oldest Pretty Boy model at 28. He's actually not a people person but gets very well with the other Pretty Boys.

And now Sam :

Sam is actually not a Pretty Boy... there's a funny story behind that. He's Corez's Boyfriend, he's very nerdy, which turns Corez on. He was a little intimadated by Corez on their first date because of the age difference ( he's 23), but that only made Corez like him even more. Despite his nerdy ways, he likes to " Stay Healthy" like he says, as you may have guess from his physique, and apparenty he's a freak in bed, since Corez won't stop raving about it. As i was saying, about his being part of the Pretty boys, it was just a mix up that happened when Sam decided to visit Corez's workplace and got confused for a model ( Sam did not know that Corez was a Pretty boy at the time ). Ever since then, he only pose for Pretty Boy if Corez says it's ok.

PHEW !! so ok, that some of the pretty boys so far, stay tuned for more and maybe even a comic for them in the future.



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