Pencil commissions!

Hello Everyone!

I know i was suppose to update earlier this month but school consumed my spare time.

You may have heard on my Y! gallery and/or Tumblr, but i'm in a bit of a financial pinch right now so i'm opening up Pencil commissions.

These are simple pencil Commissions for 10$ a piece. 1 character and i work through Paypal as always. leave a comment below or contact me via Twitter or tumblr or Y-gallery.

Here are some samples of what to expect.

Ash Catchcum sample

Professor Sycamore Sample

A big Thank you to those who have already commissioned me,

oaktree99 's O.C Captain Moralez

Wulfric from Pokemon X & Y for Fireguardiancoty

Let me know if you're interested in getting one yourself. Just let me know what you want plus a link or an image to a reference and it's a go. It would really mean a lot to me right now.

Side note. My stylus for my tablet broke, so Pencil commissions like these are pretty much what i'm limited to for the moment. I bought a mouse and I tried the point and click thing, but it's not really the same, especially when it comes to coloring. Not having pen pressure sensitivity really limits me.

Otherwise, I am in France, like i may (or may not) have mentioned here before, and back in school. It's a lot of work but i'm loving it so far. I hope you are all doing well and that you'll have a happy Halloween!

Take care, thank you in advance, and Enjoy!

Virtual Hugs to you all!