Cool story bro.

Hello Everyone!

See? I said i'd update this blog on Twitter didn't I ?

The reason I wanted to make this update is because of...well, a few things. XD

First, the return of my inspiration. Out of curiosity, i googled " Pokemon Bara " :
 As you can see, at the moment i googled that, I was the first link to pop up! as you can imagine, my reaction was a " HOLY SH*T!"

This is the internet after all, so eventually i googled K3rry, and i was even more pleasantly surprised.

I stumbled upon a few blogs and Tumblrs that featured my work. Now as an artist, it's understandable to not like this, as re-posting and illegal use ends up making us watermark happy, but i didn't get that feeling at all.

Pretty much all the sites that featured my work had links to my Y!gallery or Tumblr or Blog.

I'm not saying this to gloat or be full of myself, but it made me happy : ). I often forget that I'm not just doing it for me sometimes and there are people out there that actually really like my work.

So thank you. Seriously. I've seen the comments you've left here, on twitter, even the Y!gallery favs and comments that still kept coming over there even after my long absence... Thank you guys.

Now for the not so exciting life stuff ( well on a Slash site like this one anyway ) Quite a few things have been going on.

I got contact lenses for the first time, I start Driving school, and this Biggest news of all is that I GOT INTO AN ART SCHOOL! Which means that i'll be going back to school for the first time in...6 years! I am SUPER EXCITED and it also means that i'll be moving to France. So it's going to be a big change of scenery and pace come Fall this year.

Financial strains have been really heavy though, and that's why I wanted to do cheap and quick commissions.

Speaking of which, the ones that i started a while back are finally done! I'm just waiting on word from my last commissioner and i'll plan on doing a separate post for them.

They are however closed till further notice. I wasn't kidding about my financial situation. I'm not broke, but the instant i get money i goes directly to funding for my school.

So to conclude, work, plus going to driving school, plus entrance fees and doing all the necessary steps to have the smoothest possible transition for my art school ( Going for my Bachelors in 3D Graphics by the way :D), Gym 4 times a week, the cluster fudge of video games that came out in March and almost no time to play them... I've had no time to do what i enjoy the most, which is drawing.

I'll leave you now with this random blond dude i doodled as i was getting my grove back

See you guys soon with the commission post, and more obviously, soon!

Again, Thank you guys. You are the best folks an artist like me stuck on a little island could ask for.

*Virtual hug*

: D

Keep Enjoying!

P.S : Let me know if you want Blond boy to suck on something else... if you know what I mean. ;)