Samurott Strut !

Hey Folks!

So This was a request from the y!gallery ( since i you know, I'm a sucker for those XD ) This time it's of Samurott !

The water is deep blue...
Would you like to Surf?

Yea, i couldn't help but give him the big booty :D. The request came from a comment on my Serperior Pic that is as follows : " lol you should make a Samurott one cuz when i fight with him u get a nice look of him on fours just begging for it xD "


Lol! Enjoy!

I'm pretty sure I'll get around to drawing Emboar eventually as well, otherwise it'll just feel incomplete, but there are SO many things i wanna draw right now...It's hard to decide. I've also hit over 300 000 visits on my blog, WOW! Thank you. Seriously, i mean it when i say i love you all!

See you later folks!