Bang gets nailed :-O

LOL pun intended of course XD !!

Hey guys !
Not sure if i mentioned it before, but one afternoon i drew like 5 pencil skecthes and this i one of them ! and Yes ! You guessed it ! I LOVE BLAZBLUE !!!

Bang Shishigami is one of my Favourite characters, mostly because he's so annoying, but i love his fighting style, also he's hilarious XD ! HaHaHa !!

Doing the tentacle raping honors here is Arakune, one of the weirdest (and yet coolest ) characters in the game, i guess people go eewww when they see him because of the insect thing, but come on !! use your imagination folks ! he can shapeshift, so why wouldn't this happen ?!?!!

Also, i'd like to think that here , he wasn't saying " Azure ", but "Pleasure" LOL !!

If you haven't played BlazBlue yet, then i have to tell you that you're missing out on a really good fighter, i was amazed at the game's story mode and how every character is unique and how much fun it is.

Anyway, enjoy !

And here's an original size pic for all of you who check out my blog ;-)


Miro Collas said...

Excellent work - well done!

K3rry said...

Thanks Miro :D