Super "Slash" Brothers ! Kirby !

Hello Blog World !

Ok, unless you've living under a rock for the past YEAR ! you'll know that Nintendo's POWERHOUSE of a game is about to get release in less then a WEEK !! So i did the one thing i like and know how to do to express my exitement. I SLASH ! and out of it was born SUPER SLASH BROTHERS !

Of course i had to start with the lovable old puff ball, Kirby ( even thow technically i started with DK )

Truth be told, this WHOLE thing was never ment to be serious, they were just doodles i did one day when i had some artist block and a headache AND a bad day, lol. But when i look at them, i saw that they actually looked pretty good, so i decided to just go with it !

Next thing you know, i drew and inked about 4 drawings in about 3 hours ! And this one is one of them.

I Have a good few of these that i've finished, but my scanner access has been Extremly limited lately, which explains why things have been going a little slow, i admit, but since i had a small opportunity, i managed to scan this one at least.

The idea for Kirby in the series was to have him ridding on his warp star heading towards his next battle , Of course, this was a little tuff, i mean all i had to go on was that he's a puff ball and that he's pink.

Since the Rant, i've been doing a lot of thinking, and it allowed me to give the ok to people who wanted to critique my work, and i've been getting it, so i'm glad. It's encouraging me to improve, and above all focus on a few things, both when i'm drawing, and when i'm coloring as you can see .

I was going to leave it as is, because i was busy, but i decide to take my time and try a few things with the coloring, and it turned out splendidly !


The Pun for this one is Kirby's Swallowing ability and ranking in the previous Smash game. Kirby has the ability of copying others' moves by swallowing them and in Melee he became light and very disliked, so... he SUCKS !

lol, Enjoy you guys !!

P.S : i've done DK, Yoshi, Fox, Falco, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and hopefully i'll finish them before Brawl comes out, because if i don't, i'll be too busy playing that game to ! XD

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