Super Slash Bros. Preview

Hey everyone. I'm just going to give you a preview of the characters from my Super Slash bros series .

I've got 3 that are inked and ready for coloring

Donkey Kong , Yoshi and Fox are ready to get colored .

I've also finished two Pencils : Meta Knight and Falco

And Finally 2 Works In Progress : King Dedede and Ness

Hope you all like ! By the way, i'll be posting most of them here and on my Furaffinity account ( listed in my links ) since some of the characters aren't allowed on the y! , so i'll let you all know when that occasion arrives.


Heyohwhoa said...

You did such a great job on these :) I always liked Yoshi and he looks nice all buff and everything. Like an older Yoshi or something heh. I always thought Falco was sexy so cool beans on him. It'll be great when you finish these up :D

K3rry said...

Thanks dude, i can't wait to finish em up either :) . I just need the time, and i'll be set XD.
*sigh* busy busy busy...

Zenith said...

=] you did a good job

anyway..I love the way you drawn torsos!!

K3rry said...

Thanks zenith ! and i guess i've been working on the trosos XD .