Super Smash Bros Brawl Fan Art : Snake !!

Newcumer Snake Spreads some venom !! I am a HUGE fan of Super Smash bros, and i simply cannot wait for Brawl ( Till this day i play Melee and i still love it ). This is sort of a X-mas present for fans of the game, because the game was delayed AGAIN ! and will be released early next year. Until then, enjoy Snake and all his glory !!

Bye Bye !!

P.S : My internet is still having issues, so i do the most i can when ever i can ; D


JC said...

I'm so old-school, I have no idea who those first MK guys are. And I used to LIKE that series.

K3rry said...

lol, JC, they're Raiden, Shinnok and Fujin ;) .