Introduction : Hey There !!

Hi everybody, you may already
know me as K3rry from the Y!
gallery , or even Yrrek from Furaffinity, well now you can see all my Yaoi and other Stuff here ! Welcome to the Freelance at kslash.blogspot.com Everybody ! I'll be posting some of my works here exclusivly and many other things ( but mostly my beefed up slash-tastic yaoi ). I Hope this blog will allow me to get in touch with other great artist and viewers. For now, i've just opened up a poll that will close in 2 weeks, so please vote and you can see my current work here http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/k3rry/ .
BYE BYE for now ! and i will be
posting some of my stuff soon.
See you all then !


Anonymous said...

Hey kerry boy guess who panos here

i just puted ur blog on favorites

dont feel lonely im still here

Absinthe Studios said...

Cool blog and Lookin' good buddy! ;)