Ichigo and Sucking

Hey guys!

Sorry for the Long absence and horrible delay because i was supposed to do this post about 2 months ago : / ... So without getting into detail on how "glorious" my life has been for said past 2

months ( sarcasm), let's get to it.

So there's the original that most of you probably saw HERE, He's is sucking off Chad in this pic.

So here are the cum versions and Ichigo's Zanpakuto versions!

MMMmmmm creamy...

I really wanted the underwater feel for these versions, hope i got it right

And Zee cum version.

As always folks, i HAVE been drawing but ever since September started, things got really slow for me on many aspects of my life. Nothing depressing thankfully XD but still enough to not make me draw as frequently as i'd hope.

Requests are really starting to pile on too so i'll try my best to finish them when i can :S.

I love you all, seriously! i mean i passed the 150 members following me AND i have over 400 000 hits... WOW!

Even if i don't post drawing i'll try to post more frequently, so i'll at least keep you all entertained till i do.

Bye for now!