Buck's Secret

Feeling a little better so i thought i'd post this.

It's Buck Tuddrussel from Time squad :), having a little private fun!

The reason i wanted to draw him is because after i drew Johnny i got this urge to draw more cartoon guys, and Buck just kept popping up in my head XD.

By the way, before you go and tell me how the anatomy is messed up, you should look at pics of Tuddressel, because cartoon or not his body is ridiculous XD.

He probably sneaks into Larry 3000's room from time to time to do this, he's been busted though !

Enjoy ! :D and for what it's worth, happy new year !


Anonymous said...

Oh MY, YES, woot, Buck!. How naughty... You're absolutely right to say that he does it in Larry's room haha. Just asking... Could you please do one of Larry? (maybe one with him and Tuddrussel heheh?) I mean you don't have to if you aren't up for it. I mean, yeah, I know he's a robot, but we heard from one episode that he was actually capable of PEEING. Really makes you think, huh? Improvisation. TuddxLarry slash is SO canon anyway. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Funny =)

Jezza said...

this style seems slightly different from your previous work, but maybe because you're representing more cartoonish toons.
Either way! I love it and wanna see more toons slashed by you!

K3rry said...

@ Anon1, that seems like an excellent idea for a follow-up, and i did think of Larry a LOT while doing this.
@ Anon2, haha, thanks!
@ Jezza, I was going for something more cartoon like. I find that this type of coloring and style suits it better ;). I'll put previews on facebook because i am enjoying slashing toons. It's really enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Wow, haha, nice! And seriously, Tuddrussel and Larry slashed by you would be so cool! Wait... They were already kinda slashed from the beginning... I mean, if previous episodes weren't convincing enough, the episode 'Ex Marks the Spot' proves it all!

Larry (to Tudd): Tonight, you're sleeping on the sofa!

But still. If you could, I'd absolutely love to see it.