Alakazam Vs Kadabra !! Kadabra Under Pressure !!

Hey yall !

lol, i think having titles like that is an oath to the pokemon Tv series :) .

Anyway, you might already know, but i've been doing some Human-mon pics lately, and one horny day, i decided its time for me to draw some human-mon "Battles ", which of course includes pokemon in human form doing something dirty, if ya know what i mean ;) , and of course using their pokemon powers for some super ( and most probably impossible ) "battle" Action !!

This one is the first ( technically second ? if you remember my Spoink Vs Pachirisu drawing ) battles i've done.

I've also did Mewtwo and Mew as well as a Gengar Vs Clefable pic , as you can see.

Mewtwo and Mew because it's some hot clone action, and Gengar and Clefable because they are some of my 2 favourite old pokemon games(Gengar still being my favourite to this day )And i did
a Ninetales solo which looks pretty nice !

The Story behind the Alakazam and Kadabra pic is that apparently Kadabra did something to Alakazam, and he's PISSED and HORNY for revenge !!

I actually ended up having a blast coloring this one ( much to my surprise ) considering how tired i was when doing it and how lazy i am, lol .

I leave you guys with the Pressure version of the pic that i was able to do thanks to a software called Photo Suite 8 that has cool effects including the following " Smart Blur" one. ENJOY !

Alakazam Vs Kadabra !! Kadabra Under Pressure !!

P.S : Ideas for human-mon battles are always welcome, just leave a comment here or on the y!


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